The Mixtape Podcast

Remember when you used to make a mixtape on cassette or CD with all of your favorite tunes from a certain time or category? The Mixtape Podcast is bringing back that long-lost art in digital format. Each episode puts together a carefully selected group of songs for the chosen topic for your listening pleasure. Some are some bands you might not know about while others are classics that you love. Either way, just good tunes. Most episodes also has a matching Spotify playlist, the 21st century version of a mixtape. If you love music or want to listen to 2 idiots ramble on about it for a while you might dig this. Enjoy!

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    Icky Trump: The Election Special

    Fordy and Bolts talk about how music fits (or doesn't fit) into the politic world and how dumb people can be

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    Mick from Atma Weapon

    We sit down with Mick Armstrong, singer and lead guitarist from the post-hard band Atma Weapon

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    Mike Pinto Interview

    We sit down and chat with the exceptional singer/songwriter

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    Chicks That Rock

    In this episode Fordy and Bolts discuss some of their favorite chicks that rock

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    Three New A+ Albums

    Three amazing albums in a 1 month time period we have to talk about

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    Mixtape #7

    In this mixtape Fordy and Bolts go outside their comfort zone and do a lil hip hoppin'

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